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Oil Service

If you are unsure about the condition of your car call us and we can put your mind at ease.

Call 024 7659 7879

Interim Service

Ideal for motorist on short urban journeys, keep your car safe between each full service.

Call 024 7659 7879

Full Service

Our qualified technicians will ensure your Full Service keeps your car as peak performance.

Call 024 7659 7879

Ace Services


Air conditioning in your car needs to be periodically serviced and system ReGas. Condensation in the system and the heat from the engine creates a breeding ground for bacteria, which can seriously affect your health.

Ace Interim Service

We aim to be quick and efficient with our services to your convenience. We also offer a Courtesy car or pick-up/drop-off service, subject to availability.

Ace Full Service

A full service is recommended annually or every 12,000, whichever is sooner. We service all types of make and model of car to manufacturers standards. An ACE service will not affect your manufacturers warranty.

Ace Oil Service

Periodically, particularly as the seasons change your car will benefit from our Oil Service. It keeps the essentials checked for good road-worthy condition.

CALL ACE GARAGE ON 024 7659 7879

What is included in an Ace Service

  Ace Oil Service Ace Interim Service Ace Full Service
Oil and Filter YES YES YES
Brake Fluid YES YES YES
Anti-freeze - YES YES
Windscreen Wash - YES YES
Power Steering Fluid - YES YES
Lights - YES YES
Windscreen Wipers - YES YES
Battery Condition YES YES YES
Charging System YES YES YES
Exhaust Condition - YES YES
Tyre Tread/Pressure YES YES YES
Full Brake Check - YES YES
Steering Check - YES YES
Shocks Check - YES YES
Suspension Check - YES YES
Drive Belt Check - - YES
Wheel Bearing Check - - YES
Brake Fluid Condition - - YES
Fuel Filter Replace - - YES
Spark Plugs Replace - - YES
Air Filter - - YES